Collection: Tropical & Botanical Vinyl Wraps

If your house is in need of some greenery, look no further than our Botanical Vinyl Wraps. Featuring gorgeous leaves, bold patterns and vivid colours, your furniture will look like it belongs in the jungle. Wild!

With a range of sizes, restowrap offers tropical vinyl to transform your furniture. Both sophisticated and fun, this collection of designs are bang on trend with bold tropical interior design being the focus for many interior spaces. Use restowrap as an affordable way to add tropical touches to your interior spaces, whether you're wrapping a kitchen table or covering your wardrobe door, these designs are sure to create an oasis in your home!

Tropical & Botanical Vinyl Wraps

What is restowrap?

Restowrap is an innovative and creative design product that aims to encourage upcycling and the restoration of interiors! Rather than buy new furniture and furnishings, why not replenish and rejuvenate your old furniture with vinyl wrap!

  • Made in the UK

    All our vinyl wraps are designed and printed in the UK by our team of 3!

    Using eco-friendly inks, our vinyl has superb print quality and vibrant colours!

  • Made-to-Order

    All our vinyl is made-to-order which helps us to reduce our waste and our carbon footprint!

  • Wide Range of Patterns

    Our design team is always working to create new designs based off the latest trends. So keep an eye out for any new patterns we release!

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