Installation Guide

The following instructions will guide you through applying our vinyl furniture coverings to any piece of furniture. Using a table as an example, the process remains the same for any flat surface you may wish to apply it to.

You will need:

• Utility or sharp craft knife

Step 1

Lay the vinyl onto the item you wish to cover without peeling the backing off, and arrange the sheet until you are happy.

Step 2

Tip: Only peel a little bit of the backing off at a time to avoid bubbles forming.

Lift one edge and peel a small section of the protective layer off the back exposing the adhesive.

Step 3

Push to stick down the centre of the vinyl, then smooth outwards to push all bubbles to the edge.

Continue peeling a little of the backing off at a time and sticking and smoothing as you go.

Step 4

As the vinyl is applied, peel off more of the backing paper and continue sticking and smoothing until fully covered.

Double check there are no bubbles and that the vinyl has fully adhered.

Step 5

Carefully trim the edges using a utility knife or sharp craft knife.

Congratulations, your vinyl covering is complete!